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Now that they've calmed down, they're saying I haven't lost my job or home. Still moving though. I need to get away from this. I'm tired of these threats and explosive tantrums.

March 19, 2017

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January 19, 2017, Thursday

Autumn Market

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My husband found some really lovely lullaby tributes on Pandora. So I found them on YouTube to play while I work and when I have a munchkin to put to sleep. There are a couple of piano and jazz tributes on that channel too.

I found a wiki called TiddlyWiki and I'm quite enjoying it! It's a much easier way to transport my JAD notes (and other things) around. It's all contained in one HTML. Well, the textual parts. Images can be "imported", but basically you're just saving the link to their location. If it is moved or deleted, your "image tiddler" will break.

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