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Chapter 37 is sloooowly being uploaded, amidst some very embarrassing grammatical and spelling issues due to trying to make pages while very frazzled. At least it finally has a chapter cover.

Artwork section has been reworked a bit.

July 17, 2017

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May 4, 2017, Thursday

Yoked Blokes

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Such friendly little critters...

Came across another deviantART Disney fanfic. The first one is alright enough, it's a Lion King one. The second one is a weird mashup of various storylines, with some weird tweaks. Such as throwing them all in highschool. While the highschool thing is severely overdone in both webcomics and television, it is appropriately Disney since that's one of their favorite kinds of settings. Then I found a third on Pinterest that originates from Tumblr called Pocket Princesses that's made by a Disney employee.

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