April 10, 2014

Notes & Commentary


Apparently her conscience is a dragon and not a cricket.

Tattooooos! JAD finally shows some characters with tattoos! Rather like them, but I can't keep my mind made up enough to ever get one.
And ya know what's a real pain in the butt? Finding meaning for some old tribal tattoos. Doesn't help that some of the tribes in question have been banned from their tattoos the past hundred years. I can't find hardly anything beyond "eetz so pweeetty!" So the Kurach are gonna go with that. Some basic patterns that mean something to the Kurach instead of our world, and the rest are just "pwetty". Bleh.

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Off Season on the Horizon

Yup. Tax season will be over by this time next week and I'm gearing up for some free time. Or rather, trying to get rid of free time. I have a few listings up on eBay, one on Etsy, a new one on Artists&Clients, and I've got some supplies to make a small portfolio for when I visit the gym. Long story short, I made a friend there who said I can set up a booth from time to time like some of the other businesses. I think it'd be pretty cool. I've never been in a gym. I might get lucky, I might not. Maybe I'll learn how to do fast caricatures? That would be interesting. $5-$10 for a sketch of them working out and picking it up before they leave.

Commissions aside, I have done a TON of writing these past two weeks. The JAD book was 15,000 words before I started and right now it's sitting at over 64,000. Yup, lots of new material to read when I get the book ready to go. I'm hoping to have it finished by New Years. I'd love it to be done sooner, but, it covers chapters 1-25 of the comic, plus the prologue, and it has some short stories in it I haven't been able to release yet. Including a chance to meet the full crew of the Meriweather! And I expanded on some of the sadder parts of the comic, and it was hard to write one of them involving Grubber. Poor Grubber.

Speaking of short stories, I currently have one printing up over at Ka-Blam. I hope to have it in hand around May (hopefully sooner!) and if it looks good, it'll be sent to IndyPlanet. Maybe. I haven't decided yet if I'll be selling them myself or not. It would be cool to sign the covers or something. I may do that... Wonder if I can find a good company to print bookmarks?

So, yes, keep an eye out on the JAD store in a couple of months for some of the short stories, and within a year, the first book!

April 9, 2014, 10:44pm CST
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