July 24, 2014

Notes & Commentary


Why else go wandering around in a pine thicket but to get air fresheners?

So who DIDN'T see this form coming a mile away?

Okie dokie folks, I have not been able to turn the attention to the Ask The Cast section as I would like. So, until I am able to draw them all out, I have written answers up! Different characters answering different questions, and I even chime in a bit. If you enjoy reading, there is PLENTY for you to read right now.

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July 2014
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Still job hunting, and working hard to get How the Kurach Came to Walk on Two Feet out to IndyPlanet!

Goal was met this month! Many thanks! Second ranking story in the poll is Shanku learning control with the Feral form, so I'll start writing right away.

Progress as of July 11th:

How the Kurach Came to Walk on Two Feet images
Drawn 15/16
Colored 3/16
Free version in store. Does not have interior images.

Short Story Progress

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First short story!

Jakko's Debt Repaid is now available for download and as a hard copy on IndyPlanet!
Ka-Blam won't let me disable the PDF download on IndyPlanet and their prices are ridiculous. I recommend downloading it here instead.

Still working out some issues with Ka-Blam, like them giving me another guy's proof copy and labeling the story with the series name (Just Another Day) rather than its actual name (Jakko's Debt Repaid). Hopefully all will be good within the next few weeks and I can put more of the short stories up, and eventually the comic itself.

May 12, 2014, 5:18pm CST
New to the Store
Download Short Story Jakko's Debt Repaid
Jakko's Debt Repaid

In the JAD Store
PDF Size: 3.90 MB
Price: 50¢

Available on IndyPlanet
Size: Manga (5"x7.75")
Price: $2.00
PDF: 99¢

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