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JAD Update: Chapter 37; Short Stories; New Webpages

Pages 261 through 264 are up.

New stories up in the short stories section! I cleaned out the folder on my hard drive and posted them, including the ones that eventually got worked in properly. Some of them aren't purely canon by this point. (It would seem Arloda's original last name was "shimshiner". Good golly...)

The page for missing pages was missing. Found it! There is now a proper Error 404 placeholder again.

The search key phrases are weird. How does my site pop up with "hanging chew toys for guinea pigs"??? I get some really weird URL requests too. Like "tiki-calendar.php". Lots of requests for tiki calendars. Should I make a JAD tiki calendar? Gobs of various links ending in ".rar" and ".zip". A few requests for a guestbook, scarbook, or gastenboek. Some boring "cgi" requests. Sorry to disappoint, but I don't use CGI. Nor are there any admin, administrator, user, or member folders. No hacking for you. That goes doubly for the bots seeking to break into WordPress sites. I find those the most insulting. I do not use WordPress. The only thing of WordPress I willingly deal with is my newsletter blog since it's a way for me to cheat the CAN-SPAM act and offer email updates without putting my home address out there.

And seeing as how I have so many helpful people trying to access various "admin" files, and so far I have had 333 hits on the WordPress login page, I made sure to leave a personalized message for the lovelies! Emotie: ;D

June 20, 2017

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April 6, 2017, Thursday

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