Shanku has left her clan behind to explore the wide world around her. Out of her small forest home she finds more of her own kind and new friends. Love, loss, and adventure await her as she discovers the secrets her clan struggled to hide. But at what cost?

In short, it is basically a simple fantasy comic story. Just Another Day is an idea I've been tossing around since 2004. Originally it was my various internet personas pulled together into one setting and made to deal with each other. The first page was drawn in August 2007 in a post-industrial revolution setting. The story nowadays basically revolves around the misadventures of the first of those characters set in a more medieval era: Shanku, a young cub with the wanderlust "disease" who was curious about her world, and whichever of her companions she's currently around. Her clan did not approve of her curiosity, deemed her as a threat because of her condition, and placed her in exile for ten years in hopes that she would find a cure for herself by whatever means. The story begins at the start of her exile. (Until I added the prologue.)

There was a brief debate of naming this either "Just Another Day" or "Tomorrow's Another Day", since no matter how terrible or how grand things are now, there's always another day for them to change, for better or worse. Lately, I'm tempted to rename the series to "Ravenwing" because it's pretty far the original concept when I was 14. Supposedly that is a well known game, so I guess that's out.

Just Another Day began as a webcomic on August 5th, 2007, rebooted on October 20th, 2009, until the time constraints of being an adult with responsibilities drastically cut down on hobby time, and became an illustrated webnovel on February 21st, 2016, and finally just a webnovel on May 1st, 2020.

Coffee... whaaat?

I've had a few people approach me about starting a Patreon account so they could financially support the comic without going the commission route. My life is so hectic and stressful right now I could not in good conscience make people have a paid subscription, even if it was just a buck a month, with the hopes of also receiving early peeks or exclusive content regularly. Paid subscriptions make me feel kinda weird anyway. Then I stumbled across Ko-Fi, which also allows for links to extra stuff if the artist has some available, but, best of all, does not require a recurring expense. Ko-fi charges $3 a coffee, and after the 39¢ tax, that's $2.61 to whoever you're giving it to. Unless they've gone Gold, then that's a whole other ball game.

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Ashe Skyler is from the rural Appalachian foothills, living with her mate, two kids, and various pets. In addition to reading, writing, and drawing she also enjoys cooking, gardening, martial arts, crafts, and increasing her collection of folklore, fables, fairy tales, and classic literature. She works three jobs and is homeschooling her kids, and appreciates your understanding about her free time for JAD. Fancier bio on main site.

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