Shanku has left her home behind to explore the wide world around her. Out of her small forest home she finds more of her own kind and new friends. Love, loss, and adventure await her as she discovers the secrets her clan struggled to hide. But at what cost?


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Bluegrass, with flutes.
Banjo, mandolin, accoustic guitar, violin/fiddle, dobro, and flutes. Maybe panpipes.
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Violence, blood, nudity, alcohol, and mature themes.
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In short, it is basically a simple fantasy comic. Just Another Day is an idea I've been tossing around since 2004. Originally it was my various internet personas pulled together into one setting and made to deal with each other and the first page was drawn in August 2007. The story nowadays basically revolves around the misadventures of the first of those characters: Shanku, a young cub with the wanderlust "disease" who was curious about her world, and whichever of her companions she's currently around. Her clan did not approve of her curiosity, deemed her as a threat because of her condition, and placed her in exile for ten years in hopes that she would find a cure for herself by whatever means. The story begins at the start of her exile.

There was a brief debate of naming this either "Just Another Day" or "Tomorrow's Another Day", since no matter how terrible or how grand things are now, there's always another day for them to change, for better or worse. Lately, I'm tempted to rename the series to "Ravenwing" because it's pretty far the original concept when I was 14.

Many of your webcomic artists like to re-draw the first few chapters before sending their comic to print. While this is a sound business move and it certainly makes them more professional, I'm just a simple drawer and doodle maker. I've never even really considered myself an artist! So in the far off future when my comic is fresh off the presses, you will be able to find it with all the original blunders and forgetfulness that it first appeared in. Because it's okay if things aren't absolutely perfect all the time. Except for the spelling and puncuation. That I intend to aggressively correct. Gotta have a little perfection, no?

Hosting Trivia

First hosted on GeoCities from 2006-2008.
Rebooted to Comic Dish and Drunk Duck in October 2009.
Expanded later to Toons Up in 2010.
Raven-wing.net made in January 2012 and JAD was offered in a full-page format.
Expanded later to SmackJeeves in 2013.

The Artist

A happily married OCD INTJ mom from Alabama working her butt off that likes drawing comics. What more need be said?

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