Caelin Dawson

Caelin Dawson
Human, Arnthian
Birthday and Age
33 years old
Height & Build
Physical Coloration
Hair: Dirty Brown
Eyes: Light Brown
Meriweather Crew
Name Pronunciation

A crewman of the Meriweather. The son of a cobbler, he lacked the skill his father had and was sent away as a cabin boy to the Meriweather since he was unable to earn his keep in the shop. He served with John Morgan as a lad and became the lead scout when Morgan became captain. While on one of their many trade routes, he came across Shalu in Mruha. Dawson took quite a fancy to her, but was reluctant to leave the Meriweather because of his close friendship with Morgan. Eventually he chose her over Morgan, despite Morgan's protests that she would only bring him harm.

Wife: Shalu
Child: Rangi
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Ashe's Notes

Dawson was a very unexpected major character. He was just supposed to be the dude up in the crow's nest. He had a first name once. Then I lost the paper I had wrote it down on. The rest of the Meriweather crew got their first names long before he finally got his second one.

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