Eru the Wanderer

Eru the Wanderer
Kurach, Prairie, Red Wing, Heyen
Birthday and Age
20 years old
Height & Build
5' 2"
Slender and Wiry
Physical Coloration
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Fur: Brown and Tan
Claws / Talons: Dark Brown
Wings: White, Tan, Brown, and Black
Teeth, Claws
Name Pronunciation

Eru was raised by his older brother and sister when Wynfall soldiers shot their parents for passing too close to the city. As he grew older, he couldn't ignore the call of the wind, and soon took to wandering. He travels with a cougar companion named Tivdatsi.

Siblings: Anoki Zihna Birchfield
Nephew and Niece: Kadin Hinto Birchfield BenaBirchfield
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Ashe's Notes

"Eru" is a Japanese woman's name. For you Tolkien nuts, it is also a Quenya (elvish) name meaning "he that is alone". May I note I did not have that in mind when I made him a wanderer.

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