Kurach, Sylvan, Feral, Scissortail
Birthday and Age
17 years old
Height & Build
5' 6"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Green
Fur: Brown
Wings: Brown
Markings, Tattoos, & Distinguishing Characteristics
  • His hair is limp and silky, not wild, thick, and bushy like other Sylvans.
  • His wings are solid brown rather than multi-colored like other Sylvans.
Class / Career
Gatherer, Healer
Personality Type
True Neutral , INTJ

Hilael is very quiet, reserved, and passive. He is often bullied by other cubs of the clan, but refuses to defend himself for fear of what would happen if he let go. Hilael spends much of his time either alone or with his grandmother, Misen. She taught him much of what he knows about gathering and medicine, and he is well on his way to being a proficient healer like her.

Parents: Zanzen, Nari Zefana
Siblings: Shanku Ravenwing, Muso, Banhi
Grandparents: Bibot, Ysu, Haro, Misen
Uncles: Turai, Tahir
Character Artwork
Guest Artwork
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Ashe's Notes

No special origin to his name, I just went with a semi-angelic sounding name. Although the closest you'll find is the male Arabic name "Hilal" meaning "half-moon". It is oddly appropriate for him, as some of his features are only considered "half there" by his clansmen.

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