Birthday and Age
52 years old
Physical Coloration
Eyes: Brown
Fur: Golden Brown
Horn / Antlers: White with Black Tips
Class / Career

Kikeru was the same as any other minocentaur bull. He lived in his cave, he foraged in the forest, sometimes hunted and ate smaller animals, and loved any cow that wandered into his territory. He has sired a few calves, but the youngest calf Sama and his mate Ariadnh he lost to poachers from Port Tephras. Enraged over his mate and calf taken as mere prizes, he delved into the darker paths and sent a swarm of winged monsters into the town of the poachers, killing not only them but many innocent citizens as well.

Character Artwork
Guest Artwork
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Comic Appearances


Novel Appearances
Short Story Appearances
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Ashe's Notes

"Kikeru" is one of the few recorded Minoan names. I thought it appropriate to name him after a Minoan considering his breed.

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