Physical Coloration
Eyes: Blue Flames
Fur: Black
Wings: Black
Name Pronunciation
Nicknames and Aliases
The Goblin Hound
Personality Type
Chaotic Neutral

Kleu is a malevolent trickster who alternates between pranks and murder, depending on his mood.

His preferred form is that of a winged canid, but has been known to assume the shape of a large cat, a starving horse, and a raven. He is capable of speech in any form.

Travellers near Wynfall are have become familiar with Kleu over the years, as he loves to approach them as the starving horse to gain their sympathy. As soon as he can tempt a rider onto his back, he takes them off on a terrifying wild run, only stopping when he as a convenient patch of stinging nettles, briars, or body of water to throw his rider into with a sudden stop. The last memory each unfortunate rider has of Kleu is his flaming eyes and maniacal laughter as he vanishes before their eyes.

At other times, he likes to stalk roads and pathways shrouded in mist or fog during twilight or false dawn as a dog or cat. He will follow behind any creature he finds, and if it should run, he will give chase, and always be directly behind them no matter how fast or erratically they try to get away. As a dog, he will often bay at his prey to add to the fright. Should he be in a particularly foul mood, or simply not like whatever he has targeted, he will either ambush them or chase them to the point of exhaustion, and then make a right bloody mess of his prey that rarely survives the attack.

As a raven he is at his kindest. He may circle swollen rivers and creeks, calling warning as corvids famously do. Or he could dive down and peck out somebody's eyes. Kleu can be a fickle creature.

The safest places from Kleu are anywhere there are large bells or horns. The loud, sharp noises are particularly painful to his ears and it makes him rather disoriented, so he would rather avoid them.

Kleu is the creator of the Kurach, who were originally meant to aid him in mischief and discord. He spent decades gathering the necessary materials and magic, and was very pleased with the little devils. The fairies, equally as micheivous and fond of trouble, enticed the Kurach into being bewitched a few times until they are quite unlike their original selves. Much to the fury of Kleu, who has sullenly refused to create anything else, and wishes to have his little playmates returned to him again. Until then, he keeps a pack of calopus with him.

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Ashe's Notes

Based off the Basque Kludde, or Kleure.

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