Kurach, Sylvan, Feral, Scissortail
Birthday and Age
9 years old
Height & Build
4' 4"
Physical Coloration
Hair: Tan and Brown
Eyes: Golden Brown
Fur: White and Gold
Claws / Talons: Brown
Wings: Gold and Brown
Markings, Tattoos, & Distinguishing Characteristics
  • The greater coverts, primary coverts, and remiges of his wings are tipped.
Class / Career
Hunter, Warrior
Personality Type
Lawful Good , ENTJ

Muso is very mischievous, adventurous, and a self-proclaimed master sneak. Thus why he says he hasn't gotten caught and exiled like Shanku did. He takes it on himself to watch out for Hilael and Banhi. Primarily Hilael as he often does not defend himself. Muso dreams of one day being a captain of the guard.

Parents: Zanzen, Nari Zefana
Siblings: Shanku, Hilael, Banhi
Grandparents: Bibot, Ysu, Haro, Misen
Uncles: Turai, Tahir
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Ashe's Notes

This kid is a bigger handful than Shanku was!

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