Rhett Talbot

Rhett Talbot
Human, Arnthian
Birthday and Age
36 years old
Height & Build
Physical Coloration
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Grey
Class / Career
Bounty Hunter, Ranger
Name Pronunciation
rĕt tăl'-bōt

A bounty hunter originating from Port Tephras. Rhett has a strong sense of justice, but is a bit biased towards human survival when non-humans are concerned. He is very mistrusting and quickly jumps to conclusions. When he learned of a poaching problem nearby in the Nyre was what caused the port to be beset by a plague, he set out to put as much of an end to it as possible. Rhett works with one of the guardians of the Nyre now to insure only those who hunt for food take from the forest.

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Ashe's Notes

My broody little ranger. A bit over-dramatic.

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