Ryan Chase Stormer

Ryan Chase Stormer
Kurach, Sylvan, Imperial, Fernwick
Birthday and Age
5' 8"
27 years old
Physical Coloration
Hair: Blonde and Black
Eyes: Grey
Fur: Grey and White
Claws / Talons: Dark Grey
Wings: Bluish Grey, White, Black
Markings, Tattoos, & Distinguishing Characteristics
  • Blonde hair with black tips.
  • Dark bluish grey wings with white spots and black stripes.
Class / Career
Knight, Warrior
Teeth, Claws, Dagger

Ryan is one of the lower ranking knights of the Fernwick clan. He has a keen and optimistic interest in politics.

Character Artwork
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Guest Artwork
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Ashe's Notes

In the original concepts, he and Shanku butted heads quite bitterly.

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