Turai Specklewing

Turai Specklewing
Kurach, Sylvan, Feral, Scissortail
Birthday and Age
32 years old
Height & Build
5' 8"
Slender, Wiry
Physical Coloration
Hair: Black and Brown
Eyes: Blue
Fur: Grey and White
Claws / Talons: Black
Wings: White with Black Tips
Markings, Tattoos, & Distinguishing Characteristics
  • All feathers but his remiges are tipped.
  • He has three distinct scars on his left breast from his fight with Zanzen.
  • He has three piercings in each ear. One near the base and two halfway up the outer/lower edge of his ears. As per pirate superstitions, they are made of gold.
Class / Career
Name Pronunciation
tûr-ī spĕck-ĕl-wĭng
Nicknames and Aliases
Sea Dog
Personality Type
True Neutral , ESTP

Previously a pirate of the Brelland Seacat, and Shanku's uncle. At the age of fourteen, Turai was exiled from the Scissortail clan for challenging Shanku's father to a fight over his sister. He wandered bitterly until he happened across a hidden cove south of the Nyre where he met the crew of the Brelland Seacat. Turai became a member of the crew and fast friend to the ship's cat, Ryoichi.

Parents: Haro, Misen
Siblings: Nari Zefana, Tahir
Nieces and Nephews: Shanku, Hilael, Muso, Banhi
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Ashe's Notes

He was supposed to die in the original plot and somehow managed to charm Shanku into not killing him. Never underestimate your character's ability to derail the story. I reckon I should note that the fight with Zanzen was not so Turai could take Nari as a wife.

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