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February 26, 2014, Wednesday

Ma Always Understood

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Nari and Shanku are crocheting. Shanku's original tunic was crocheted, and the belt actually is part of the outfit. Just a tidbit tighter to help it stay put. That's also why the part around her legs is so stretchy! Where do they get their yarn? The sheep behind them. The Nyre is more than dense forest.

Shanku was a rough big sister to have. It's not that Zanzen and the other fathers thinks it's an "unnatural" or terrible thing for females to fight. They are rather protective of females with cubs, but those without cubs are often welcomed should they decide to become warriors. No, what the fathers pass on to the sons is how to fight other fellas for ladies! Shanku's just a wee bit too young to care about that yet.

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