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December 17, 2009, Thursday


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Whoops. Antelope's goin' the wrong way. Sorry 'bout that.

I'm not trying to bulk up Gramps, I'm just not familiar with wrinkles and old bodies. Emotie: XD

Dai's kid was kinda unexpected. I accidentally implied that he had a kid in that ninth panel, so instead of racking my brain to figure out how to word it properly, Dai now has a cub of his own. It explains his patience with Shanku, at any rate.

It has been a busy day. And tomorrow looks even busier. Most of the day was eaten up by trees. Relearning how to draw trees. I'm still not sure about how the leaves turned out, but the bark looks great. This page also had to break in a new Sharpie pen half-way through. Yay, new Sharpie!

Sadly, the comic must also cut back to one page every two weeks for now. Maybe in January I can go back to weekly, but if January is going to be as busy as I think it is, then it'll probably be sometime in the spring before things return to normal.

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