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February 25, 2010, Thursday

A Lady Keeps Herself Groomed

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Shanku holds many sentiments toward grooming and prettiness that I do. But, seriously, braiding hair is fun and is a very convenient way to take care of long hair.

And by this point I'm doubting whether the choice in feather designs was a good idea. Four varying colors per wingset complimented by grayscale shading and varying number of spots/bars per character and remember the sticky-out shoulder feathers must match the lowest row of feathers. Huuuu boy. Emotie: @_@

Anywho, new link up on the Links page. The Progeria Research Foundation. Pretty much kids start aging waaaaaay too earlier and don't usually make it past their teens. Pure genetic mutation by chance and currently only affects 54 people worldwide. I know it can't be cured since it's a DNA problem, but maybe the pain can be lessened for these poor kids?

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