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June 10, 2010, Thursday

Shifting Class

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And we start chapter three! With three new characters. The students are: Bara, Eru, Kya, Rajé, and Shanku despite her second thoughts.

Bara here is representing the full "red phase" of the Kurach. Most shown so far lean more toward brown or much subtler red phases. His double ring there is him trying far too hard.

I just realized this is the longest I've ever gotten a webcomic to run. The third chapter, really?? And another four pages puts it up to the twenty-five page mark!

Fun facts:
Kya was one of the original cast back in Just Another Day's first run. She's mostly just making a cameo here but may return later depending on her popularity. Kya was fully human then, but I decided to make her a Kurach this time around.

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