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July 8, 2010, Thursday


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Ah, the old "we need to talk" line. Makes ya cringe even when you're not the one who needs the talkin' to.

Little Rajé always remembers her manners no matter the situation. Perhaps she could teach Bara how to be graceful when outdone? Shaman Onami knows Eru and Shanku cut corners. But the way they managed to shift is still a sanctioned method.

The day has finally arrived! The Autumn Festival. Originally it was just about giving thanks for a good summer and prayers for a safe journey to the forest where they would be more protected from the harsh winter rather than out on the open plains. With the growing problems from Wynfall, there is an added ceremony where the Shaman dresses himself up as a Kurach and the chief dresses up as a Man. The dance begins with the two together, then the Man chases away the Kurach for a short period of time before the Kurach returns to be beside the Man again. Some choose to wait until the day of the festival before shifting, some choose to do so the night before, some a few days in advance.

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