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July 22, 2010, Thursday

New Year's

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It's late July and I've got a comic page about snow. We of the southern United States can only dream of something like that right now. Ack, I hate summer. I'll be glad when winter returns. If you wonder whereabouts on Earth Wynfall relates to, think around Wyoming, Montana, France, and Mongolia. That whole c. 45° latitude region.

Those dual light sources were tricky. I think I messed up a good bit of it.

Culture clashes are pretty amusing. ("Culture Shock" on the Links page has plenty of good examples of it too.) You'd think they'd have made Eru cut his hair. I like the idea of a world where they aren't anal about fashion. But if there is an outcry among fans of that being unrealistic, I suppose I'll have somebody go to the gallows for wearing the wrong shade of yellow at some point.

I'd read somewhere about why we have our New Year celebration in the middle of winter instead of the beginning of spring. But I've completely forgotten it. It still didn't make sense when I read it.

The complimentary establishing shot at the beginning of any setting (and a bit of a bonus page that wasn't in the original script). While researching these outfits was fun, and believe me you would have groaned over my first designs pre-reasearch, I'll be glad to get the main characters back outside and in their normal clothes. I know there is a huge unrealistic factor here because these are Middle Class people in Upper Class clothing. But, hey, it's a fantasy story with flying humanoids! Can't be TOO realistic about stuff. Emotie: ;D

The building that they're in is a community building set aside for large gatherings. Sometimes it's court related, sometimes festivity, sometimes somebody has one heck of a huge family and needs a better place to keep them all. For once, the time spent on the background was far greater than the time spent on the people. Oi...

Today's page goes out to my oldest friend, Jessie! Whose ability to draw interiors far surpasses my own. She actually uses a ruler too. When's the last time you saw me use a ruler for something other than the panels? In a few years she'll be a full-fledged architect! Awesome, no?

The two main sites I referenced were The Tudors and Woodworking Tips from Pop. Both are also listed on the Links page of my main site.

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