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July 29, 2010, Thursday

Hey, look, food!

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Don't talk with your mouth full, Shanku...

Zihna's still on some of the steps in that first panel. There's almost a foot of difference in their heights that I miscalculated in some earlier pages, like, the end of chapter two. I've finally gotten used to Dai having a family. He went from being a single guy with a dog to being a responsible parent within a few pages back during Chapter One when I just drew from page to page without planning. But it's fun taking little turns like that and trying to make it work out in the story. Emotie: :)

In regards to Shanku's life philosophy: Just wait. There's gonna be a huuuuge recipe book on this site! If you follow the Tudors link on the Links page, you can find a section of their site dedicated to medieval food. But, seriously, have you ever watched the cooking channel? Those are some of the happiest people in the world. I always say that if I come across a magic lamp and only get one wish, it's gonna be for enough food for everybody for the rest of their lives.

I must say I love doing the lighting for the candles. Probably why there are SO MANY candles in this scene, other than the fact the only electricity that exists in JAD is in the form of lightning bolts. Having a candle sit on Mrs. Birchfield's head was an accident. I made her take a step back and only after I started measuring for the candles did I realize where she was standing. And she was already inked. Oops.

This is likely the most romantic this story will ever get. I'm not much of a lovey-dovey, shoujo girl. Two of my favorite mangas are DragonBall and YuYu Hakusho, which is probably a clue. Both of these characters have already lost their previous spouse, so don't expect any drama of unfaithfulness.

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