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August 26, 2010, Thursday

Go find bugs! NO EAT BUGS!

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I blame Runescape for these two characters. The Goblin Village is my favorite place to hang out at on Runescape and their little imps are just adorable. However Gremmy is a gremlin. Grubber named him, in case you wonder why he has such an "original name." If anybody hasn't played Runescape and is now worried about the goblins, don't worry. They aren't this "cute". They actually act like manly goblins. Or as manly as easy targets ever get.

Between Grubber and "Dark Wings" by Within Temptation I'm craving some Runescape.

Speaking of goblins, they have their own webcomic. I've only read the first couple of pages of it and liked what I saw. From hearsay and judging from how they're always #2 on I would say they're probably pretty good. So if you feel monsters deserve a better representing or just love monsters in general, go drop by and read it.

This scene is definitely one of my favorite parts of the story. Ever wonder if that happens to fairies when they're fluttering around ponds? Can you be so beautiful and dainty that nothing ever tries to eat you?

I probably really should bump this up from a "G" to a "PG" rating...

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