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September 2, 2010, Thursday


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My fauns have long tails and my satyrs have short tails. Like Mr. Tumnus, so this is my little homage to C.S. Lewis. Unlike Mr. Tumnus, my fauns are hobbit sized. I was raised on Narnia, both the books and the 1988 BBC production. That may also be why there are currently no elves in Just Another Day. I didn't really learn about Tolkien until I was about eleven or twelve. (As for Disney's rendition, well, I'm having a hard time deciding which I dislike more: Twilight or Disney Narnia.)

This little guy started out with curly hair. Then I remembered how bad I was at curly/sheep hair and decided to go with coarse/goat hair.

Here we have Shanku demonstrating that Kurach are slightly more flexible than average humans.

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