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October 7, 2010, Thursday

Port's Plaugue

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Where were Rhett's bracers? Why, he was using them as a pillow!

These things had no set character design in their many renditions. This is kind of a loose combination of all the forms they went through. Although, by accident, they are a lot dang bigger than they were supposed to be. They're supposed to be the size of a large bat. Emotie: O_O;

One thing I really need to note: They are not dragons. They may have draconic features, but they are not dragons. And this page is why the comic went from a G to PG rating. Maybe PG-13.

Tackling is fun. And if you outweigh your opponent, you can do some pretty solid pins. But I do not outweigh the friends I romp with, so I usually settle for just making it really difficult for them to get back up. Tackling can also be an interesting way to check out people you're thinking of dating. Emotie: ^_~

Rhett's approach, however, is much more efficient at permanently warding off attackers.

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