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October 21, 2010, Thursday


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Ransacked that wing. Oops.

It's big, it's angry, and it doesn't just eat grass! Remember those "evil bull monsters that live in the forest" that Rajé mentioned back in Chapter Two? Minocentaur. No more evil than a bear in actuality, but feared about as much by the denizens of the Nyre.

Yes, I loved drawing this page so much I kept strictly to my oldschool pencil shading instead of inking everybody's outlines. One of my friends actually posed for the bull. But he doesn't really know it yet. Ah, gotta love the photos section on Facebook! Heheh, evil thought: Ladies (and some gentlemen), this is your fanservice. Bona fide beefcake!

Chapter Notes:
Since there wasn't much to put into Chapter Five, I'm going to put the confrontation with the minocentaur in Chapter Five. After rushing through Chapter Three, I should think a little slowing down and interaction would be nice.

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