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October 28, 2010, Thursday

What's wrong with you?

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Haven't you ever just wanted to scream that at somebody before?

Hrm, just remembered something. Cows have teeth missing. I can't remember if they're like a goat and only have their lower front set to accompany the back teeth, or they have no frontal teeth at all. Emotie: o.o;

Um... I reckon minocentaurs will be like goats and have full back teeth with lower front teeth.

Why do I know this? I used to own goats and I live in the country where there is a cow pasture or two on almost every mile. And both my parents were raised around cows. Why did they get cows and I got goats? Don't get me wrong, I love goats. They smell a little funny but they are a delight to be around.

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