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December 30, 2010, Thursday

A Sailor's Life for Me

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End Chapter Five! And Volume One. Wow. I almost can't believe the first volume is already up... Thank you to everybody who's been reading and supporting this project so far!

And we're back to the barrels.

Chapter Notes:
Quite a bit of this chapter was rewritten as it was drawn. The original confrontation with the Minocentaur was a lot more aggressive and emotional. The rewrite had everything carried out more subtly. Rhett was also less hostile and close-minded than he was originally written and more to his true personality. (It's odd how sometimes how out-of-character you can get. But, I digress.)

Doctor Newbury also had a last minute costume redesign. Somehow he came out in black robes instead of a three piece suit, but I'm kinda fond of his new look. Even gave him muttonchops. At least the mustache and glasses carried over.

Arc Notes:
Shanku's come a long way since she was a lost cub on the plains. I think I went through about three different coloring and shading styles. I began with pencil, combined Sharpie and pencil in the middle, and ended with pencil.

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