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April 7, 2011, Thursday

Toy Maker and Baker

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Haven't deviated from single panel or horizontal-split layouts since the first page! So many things in that top left panel.
Ceiling: Flying duck, shark, parrot, whale, gryphon.
Tables: Pull-along mama duck and ducklings, dolls, marbles, ships.
Shelves: Dolls, pull-along dogs, wigs, hair accessories, blocks, balls, fake plants, stuffed animals, toy soldiers, unicorn statue, angel statue, kurach statue, and two figurines that are actualy Mr. and Mrs. Washington. Heheh.

In the top right panel, today the baker is brewing. Why is he laughing? His gumbo is so good that even weary, fresh-off-the-boat sailors love his fish. Personally I think grass should be a more common fashion statement in medieval stories. So swishy! Emotie: :)

Humans have no tails and believe in undergarments. Kurach have tails and therefor do not.

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