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May 12, 2011, Thursday


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Quite kind of Dawson to offer to babysit. His ward certainly didn't waste any time getting off the ship. Anybody notice Shanku is perching on a lot of things lately? The Sylvan breed is prone to a desire to positioning themselves as far from the ground as they deem reasonable when they are feeling nervous, anxious, insecure, etc. It puts them more at ease and helps them keep calm. Shanku is in an environment completly foreign to her and her Wanderlust was stout enough to suppress her instincts at first, but now that the "new" has worn off, she's missing L'aernth, steady ground, and her own kind. Since right now the closest things to her kind are Tropical Kurach, her desire is to be with them. Give the cub a little time to adjust and she'll be back to her outgoin' self in no time.

Boredom struck heavily during this page. Yes, those are Polish roosters. I would have assumed a bird with a head of feathers like that would have originated from the tropics, honestly.

I think I've almost settled in on how to do backgrounds in pencil without the foreground getting lost.

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