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May 19, 2011, Thursday

Scarlet Dancer

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Scarlet originates from a random sketch of a Tropical Kurach back in April '10. Liked her enough that I worked her into the story. She does indeed have six piercings. I would imagine it would be a bit painful considering how thick Kurach ears are. *shrug* People pierce some of the strangest things, so why not have Kurach pierce themselves as well? Although I'll be keeping Kurach piercings MUCH tamer than people piercings!

So, I recently bought one of those little wooden dolls for artists to use as a desktop reference. I'll be very glad when the little springs in its joints chill enough I can position it better. I'm tempted to make attachable wings for the little thing.

This is not the most flattering page Dawson has ever been in. Nope, nope. Still enjoying my little doll though.

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