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May 26, 2011, Thursday

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I think she's flirting with him. But he is hesitant because of Captain Morgan. The captain has lost crew to island hens before and he's pretty territorial over his men.

One thing that kept me laughing about this page was the background people. Miss "check please" is on a bad date. In the last panel there is only one background character and just for kicks I put the speech bubbles over him. Not because he was poorly drawn. Just because he was the only other guy in that panel.

This whole chapter has been fun with the sideline people. Men with pet chickens and monkeys, a man with a parrot on his head, adults nose-to-nose with baby goats, and some mohawk dude scaring a Kurach. I've definitely played around more in this chapter than the others.

Hit a good artistic stroke. This page came out better than I expected. Even the perspective and the bottles in the background.

Chapter Notes:
I really enjoyed this chapter. Exploring part of Mruha and introducing the Tropical Kurach, showing part of Bhadarukia and their residents, and playing with a few histories. And getting to draw those hawk wings again!

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