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June 23, 2011, Thursday

Not Though Through

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Why did she mop all that stuff just to pour it back out? Ew...

My men are finally looking more like men! Yay!

I enjoyed a lovely glass of blush wine during this page. I do not hold the same beliefs towards drinking that Shanku does. Emotie: ^_~ Or even Whitten for that matter...

It's been three weeks since I was able to draw a comic page. Hrm... Three weeks seems to be the magic number around here. Anywho, between homework, work, and wedding plans and making the wedding dress it's been difficult finding time to draw. Right now is the only weekend of summer break. Our schedule was screwed up by Memorial Day. Snow, severe thunderstorms, and even the nasty tornadoes couldn't shut the school down more than a day here or there, even when warnings were sounded. Memorial Day? Shut the school down in a heartbeat.

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