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July 21, 2011, Thursday

Sunsets and Shells

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Can't say I'd ever want a necklace made of teeth but a necklace with carved arrowheads sounds appealing. Tesla is the flutist.

This is a pretty good zoom to show that the Tropical Kurach don't really have claws. Also a good zoom to show I'm not too good at making hands actual size! Scarlet doesn't really have tiny hands.

Dawson's drawing suffered in that fifth panel. Apologies... My cat I've had since I was three passed away today. I've been bummed since. We lost her brother last year and now the yard just feels so empty without those two furballs. 17 and 18 are good ages for cats, but still. They were family.

Anybody seen DrunkDuck lately? So that is their fancy new look, eh? I could deal with the eye-blinding palette if there was a proper way to re-hardcode the comic's layout. But, no. Right now it is some weird GaiaOnline kind of deal.

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