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September 1, 2011, Thursday


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I like staves with feathery decorations at the top. This character is a bit of an homage to a sweet elderly gentleman and his wife that came in the restaurant a few days ago. They were a good example of how you're never too old to laugh and play. The Tropicals are short, but not the shortest Kurach breed.

This is one of the more inquisitive scenes we've had in a while.

You would not believe the trouble I had to get this page up. Multiple Blue-Screen-of-Death incidents, Trojans, incessant tracking cookies, and a moody printer to name a few. I sense they are all related. Had to use the new scanner on this page. Real pain. I hate having to break in new software. I have yet to find good software that comes with a scanner. It always defaults to omitting over half of the details and leaving whitespace in its place. Gimme time, I'll teach it how to reach it's full pencil potential. Heheh.

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