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September 8, 2011, Thursday

Quite Dry

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Gotta love quirky old people.

Extending a wing is a trusting gesture, really. While the Plains are mostly ground hunters and the Tropicals fish for their meals, flight is the lifeblood for the other three races due to either a need for a quick escape or the only way for them to hunt is a diving strike.

Trying to make Kisona's wings very sketchy. Older Kurach either don't groom themselves well because they either cannot or just don't care as much anymore as the young'uns trying to attract a mate. It seems life is about achievements and accomplishments. Learn what ya can while you're young and then have fun tormenting the babes with what you know when you're old.

Pity the young that I encounter when I am old. I already intend to enjoy my twilight years to the fullest extent. Emotie: :)

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