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September 15, 2011, Thursday


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This page will be fun to color someday. Water is crazy reflective. Water texture by pencil is haaaard... and looks like the fat version of my wood grain textures. Heheh. One trick pony, much?

Still got the dang Google Redirect Virus. Guess I'll be wiping my computer tomorrow seeing as how AVG and MalwareBytes can't fix it. Oh well, I've been wanting to organize my partitions anyway. Like all of my machines, it only lasted a bit over a year before needing heavy maintenance. I'm just glad this time it wasn't a hard drive going out.

I seem to be getting later and later with these updates. I was having some fits fixing my computer. Virus wouldn't come off, so I wiped it and put Fedora 12 on it. (Briefly Fedora 15, but... too flashy.) Made a remark about how annoying it was for music filetypes to be proprietary and how they've probably gotten some image files the same way. Well, they do. I didn't think .png was copyrighted, but apparently it is. So today you guys get a .gif page! One wicked cool thing: When I went to do the speech bubble tails in Photoshop, I found I did not have to install drivers for my tablet. Granted I can't configure the side buttons, but I have my right-click and pressure sensitivity. Wicked cool! I hate installing Wacom drivers, it comes with weird extra crap that makes a tooltip pop up telling you what button you've pushed so long as you're pushing it. Bleh.

Aside from some filetype adjustments, including lack of music since all my music seems to be mp3 and I can't figure out XMMS or Amarok just yet, still having to scan in on a Windows machine for the time being, I'm loving me some Linux! Much more stable and much more work with the command line. That's really how I figured computers would be when I started really getting into them. Nowadays it seems to be almost entirely point-and-click. Quite boring. What happens when your mouse fritzes? Been there before on Windows XP! Ah well. Rant for another day.

Enjoy your page while I enjoy my "new" computer. Emotie: :)

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