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September 29, 2011, Thursday

Zappy Piggy

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Apparently giving a straight answer is against their code of conduct or something. In a couple of months, Shanku will have been away from her family for a full year. She's torn between regret for getting exiled and between her love of exploring so many new things. Life can be so messy sometimes.

Hrm, I know Zeke was originally designed back in my days of watching lots of DragonBall Z, but I never noticed how much he looked like a Kai until today. Zeke came from a simple joke strip about how difficult life was as a skittish troll. Like, how hard it is to hunt for a family who's primary diet was pork and he was terrified of boars.

Going up a day late this week. Problems with the scanner yesterday that didn't permit to be fixed in the hour break I have after work before going to school. Including driving time, work: 7:30AM-3PM, school: 4PM-12AM. It's a pain in the butt.

Rehearsal was on Saturday. Didn't goof around too much, but I did make sure to sneak a kiss on the groom. You can never have enough practice with that! Emotie: ^_~

School is still school. But our school is surrounded by NASA-related stuff, so thankfully the students at this campus are much more intelligent than the ones down in the more ghetto/industrial part of the state. Just as unruly and unfocused though. Why pay for college if you're not going to bother trying learn anything while you're there?

Work is still... work. The waitressing aspect of the job is easy. My fiancé being the only male at my job is the difficult part, especially since we're engaged. I'm getting every line from "don't do it" to "you'll regret it" to "I feel sorry for you" to "you better get him in line or else". Women are so annoying. Working with men is easier. Fishing, hunting, cars & mechanical items, livestock, beer, food, and the occasional sports. Much easier on the ears. (Minus the "sports" part.)

And there's ye update for all the pell-mell going on at the moment.

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