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October 13, 2011, Thursday

All is not lost!

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Poor Dawson has no clue what just happened. Shanku's a bit slow too. Dawson's sneaking out was indeed noticed, as Doctor Newbury predicted back on page 08-80. The culprit? To be announced! Heheh.

Does this stop mischievous little Shanku? Well, she probably wouldn't be out here in Mruha if she was good at taking orders. Trying to show tension in Dawson's shoulders. Problem is, my characters raise their shoulders no matter their mood. Hrm... 'Tis a shame having to draw him so stressed. I had such a lovely day today and I'm not in the mood for sad or angry things. Perhaps I should better time the plot? Emotie: ^_~

To other folks that draw, or just like charts, one emotion chart I've become fond of is from Cedar Seed. The lady has some very good tutorials. I would like to say they have just the right level of detail to be useful and easy to follow.

Alright, attempting to get back to once-a-week updates. Which might only last for another seven-and-a-half months. Emotie: ^_^;

Speakin' of mischievous little imps, my husband is hoping it's gonna be a girl. If it turns out to be a girl that turns out to be like Shanku... Heaven help me! I'm hoping for a boy, personally. Emotie: =3

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