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October 27, 2011, Thursday

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Subtlety is not her strongest trait.

What kid likes getting that line? "You're too little. Go away." So the captain behaves a bit differently with kids than with adults, even if it's a species that's given him fits.

Two more days also marks two whole years that Just Another Day has been online. Wow... Two years ago I was single and at home, bored out of my head and passing time with the comic. Now I've got one year left of school, I'm married, and I have a baby on the way. Daggum. Well, I reckon in honor of two years, Shanku is being her little conniving self, just like when she first met Dai outside of the Nyre.

Sorry this one's so late. My past few days have been with dealing with the so lovely Unemployment Office. "Will you quit school for a full time job?" No, I will not quit school for a dead-end, low-pay job. Especially when my eventual career will be tracking down cyber criminals. Preferrably some of those losers that like to play with bank scams. "Well, screw you, you lazy bum with no direction in life, you will not receive unemployment. It's your own fault for getting fired. You should learn to accept sexual harassment." Gee, thanks! Likely when I get done with them I'll be contacting the Department of Labor. Rumor has it you can't fire a waitress for refusing to lay a customer.

Next degree will be at another college likely getting a degree in either programming or webdesign, like I wanted to. ITT Tech refused to let me do programming because "you're too social to spend hours poring over code" and now I'm stuck with computer networking systems. Oh, yeah, never believe any of those shoddy ITT Tech commercials. They are, indeed, actors. No real student from ITT Tech talks highly of the school.

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