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November 17, 2011, Thursday

Flirting with Disaster

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The Faun Guardian wondered a similar thing once.

A Brood Barrel and a Crabby Crate. Perhaps they've worn off on each other.

Finals are this week and then it's a two week break. My first FULL two week break in a year. Woohoo! And even better, another college I'm considering has replied back, so I can start talking to them more officially now. Maybe I'll get lucky!

Other happy news, sorta, had two really nice dreams last night. First one was of my husband driving me and our son on a trike. The other was us teaching our daughter about different bugs and leaves she found outside. It will still be a few more weeks before we can find out what kid we're having, but they were still nice dreams. Although I still can't shake a suspicion of twins... Probably not twins, but I'm still wondering. Maybe I just have a secret desire for twins that I don't know about??

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