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November 24, 2011, Thursday

Midsummer Fire Dancers

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Fire! The Tropicals are loosely based on the Samoa, and the Samoa have some awesome fire demonstrations. Now, if you want to see some real fireworks, go do a search on the "Ailao" (warrior's knife dance). While the real ailoa was for scaring enemies and celebrating victories, these Kurach just love to play with fire, although they did do a pretty good job of scaring the crap out of the humans when they first sailed to the Kurach's islands.

The cub is starstruck, possibly understanding now why they throw their festivals at night, and the problematic couple is temporarily reunited.

Singing, dancing, swimming, dancing, flowers, laughing with friends, a couple wandering off for a midnight stroll... What better way could you spend a summer night?

At first I was worried I didn't have enough detail. But the more I worked on it the more happy with it I became.

Happy Thanksgiving to ye who celebrate it! Yummy meals anyway to those of you who don't.

Baby Update:
I can feel it move now! Which feels really weird... Oh well, first time kid. It's few and far between right now, but I'm sure it'll pick up, say, when it starts running out of room? I had gained ten pounds the last month, but they're off again now. Not good. I've always been underweight (high metabolism, previously highly active, and now just stress), but I was hoping gaining would be easier and actually stick for the time being.

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