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December 15, 2011, Thursday

The Letter

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Dawson's an adult and must lead his own life.

It's been little more than a passing curiosity, but the Tropcial Kurach don't mind visitors. Hence, why they haven't asked Shanku about her origins.

Baby Update:
Speaking of "growing up", first prenatal visit was yesterday. Doctor said I was in very good health and he picked up the baby's heartbeat quickly. My husband was also very giddy and excited over hearing it too. Due to how big I've gotten, or lack thereof, the doctor is thinking I'm not as far along as the "40 Week" system suggests and thinks my due date is in mid-June rather than on May 25th. Because apparently doctors major in math better than computger geeks. *sarcasm* I'm not worried. The baby will come at the right time and all that really matters is that my family is alive and healthy. And we are. Emotie: :)

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