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December 22, 2011, Thursday

Farewell, Dawson!

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Aye, so we leave Dawson behind. He's happier, although not necessarily in good standing with the Meriweather for much longer, and possibly a father in about three months. (28 days to develop, 56 to incubate. Kurach reproduce quickly in that sense, but typically go into season only four times a year and only on a full moon night. Lucky dogs...) This can also be partially attributed to Shanku teaching Scarlet how to change forms. Reckon Dawson and Scarlet could get child support from the unlikely third parent?

And who can say what goes on in the mind of a captain? He IS sad to see Dawson go. The two served as low-ranking sailors together aboard the Meriweather. Currently he trusts Dawson to have shown Shanku the ropes in the crow's nest. Hopefully she won't let him down.

If I don't see you guys again before Tuesday, have a Merry Christmas and wonderful days with your loved ones. Emotie: :)

Baby Update:
Now to go in the opposite direction: IT'S A BOY! A healthy, chubby little boy! Sonogram went without a hitch and we got to see many good shots of his heart.

And, my, aren't I already getting lovely remarks. "Ungodly mistake" being one of them. Not something I expected to hear when my husband is the father. Don't ya love religious whackos? It wasn't even a moron on the internet who said that one!

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