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January 12, 2012, Thursday

Oh the Humanity!

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So who saw that one coming? Poor Doctor Newbury. Throw her overboard? Although if the sailors had been hungover overboard rather than on deck she might not be so mouthy about liquor. Shanku's about fourteen years old now. Pity the good doctor. We all know how rough it is to deal with teenagers, much less be one. (Unless some of ye readers are kids. Your day is coming!)

Doctor Newbury's wardrobe change can be attributed to his success with his book. He's still practicing medicine and studying random critters, but in fancier duds now!

It may seem odd she enjoys bookwork, but considering that her hunting teacher held her back and Master Woodstock was preachy, she welcomes those like Dai, Rhett, and Doctor Newbury because they take the time to explain things to her properly and answer all her questions.

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