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March 8, 2012, Thursday


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Indeed, why would he care?

Shanku's dive has been intercepted by the enemy Kurach. The pirate captain is oblivious to just how close he came to losing his life in all the commotion. The ships have come close enough now for the pirates to board the Meriweather. Things not lookin' so good for the Meriweather.

That sixth panel was a really weird angle to draw from. Maybe that's why they say it's "tangling" when referencing a fight? Either way, Shanku hasn't really romped like that since Jakko. She'll be rusty.

Thank goodness for advanced uploading. If it wasn't for that, you guys probably wouldn't have gotten any pages this week. It's the first week in the new apartment and the last week before NukeHigh starts work. I intend to take advantage of this mini-vacation.

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