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March 29, 2012, Thursday

Two Kurach are better than one! Kill her.

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Homesick, maybe? His bandage is under his pants, not on top. Always found it kinda silly to bandage your clothes to your injury rather than put the bandage on your injury... But Ryoichi does not approve! Neither does Captain Dodger. Perhaps Turai expected a reward?

Poor Shanku can't catch a break. Captain Morgan didn't mind females on a ship but did mind Kurach, Captain Dodger doesn't mind Kurach but is superstitious about females on board. While for simplicity's sake, there is only one deity in this world, there are mutliple little spirits spread throughout the world. Even though there was never a case the story's in history where Neptune or another sea god was angry there was a female on board, there have been a few cases of a rogue Oceanids jealous of the time the sailors spent with a female on board and would give them a rough sailing if they didn't hand her over to him. Those kinda stories always spread fast in port. At least Captain Dodger has enough sense not to throw her overboard. Might backfire a bit.

For other fun sailor superstitions, I give you Oddly enough, I was not aware of any of the cat beliefs when I planted Ryoichi on board, nor of "good luck earrings". Both worked out pretty well, ne?

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