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April 19, 2012, Thursday

Family Traits

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Turai, honey, I think you're missing an important point. The anger is now back. If he doesn't mention he killed Jeffrey, he might be able to dodge some of that aggression he's triggering.

Not that they really got to know each other in the past. She was a few months old when Turai got booted by the Council/Elders and scarred by Shanku's father. All she's known about the incident is her fiery grandmother (briefly seen back in chapter one) telling about how Nari handled it. Needless to say, there's some animosity between the grandparents. Shanku gets her thick skull honestly.

And, yes, Kurach lay eggs, making them monotremes with the class exception that they do not have beaks and they do have teeth. Although I think I mentioned that back in chapter ten... My memory isn't so great.

Right now I wish all I had to do was lay an egg and keep it warm. Not looking forward to a forced stay in the hospital because the American medical system has a panic attack when a natural process occurs. The closer my due date comes, the more scared I become of being trapped at a godawful hospital for two days with people I don't know trying to do whatever they want to me and my son.

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