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May 3, 2012, Thursday


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She's hard-headed in more than just the "stubborn" sense. Even if she manages to win, she still got her butt kicked. Even if he manages to win, he still got his butt bit. Gettin' kicked hurts, shod or not. The big ball-lookin' thing she landed on is the bowsprit.

How strange that my sailors are light-framed and clean-shaven while my pirates are big, burly, and hairy.

Apologies if the pirate is coneheaded in that final panel. I'm in the middle of a birthing class. Lots of pictures. While the conehead babies don't bother me, there are other... views... I could have well lived without ever seeing. Not that I'm seeing anything new as far as mammals go, it's just that humans are considerably more disgusting than goats. I'd much rather prefer being in a barn or pasture with a goat than with a woman. All I know is that if your fella is dedicated enough to you to attend these graphic and embarrassing classes, you need to keep them or work out whatever issues you have with them. These poor guys almost deserve medals after the things they've seen. My husband has super glued a guy's guts back in (be careful with chainsaws, folks) and even he felt scarred after seeing some... things.

Sorry this page got posted so late in the day. The past few days have been a bit rough. I'm almost in my final month, so I'm required to be on the road twice a week now. Dealing with doctors is quite stressful and I'm getting sick and tired of being told that the kid or I one are going to die if we're not both full of needles, IVs, drugs, monitors, and if I'm not induced and then given a c-section. Oh, let's not forget the reconstructive surgery I'll need later because all my tissues and muscles will supposedly be damaged beyond repair. Emotie: 9_9

Children have been born at home and outside for hundreds of thousands of years, I really don't think a hundred years of it being popular to birth in a hospital has crippled us as a species beyond making us weak psychologically and too reliant on painkillers.

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