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May 10, 2012, Thursday

Feral Sylvan

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Ever seen a dog so mad that they were snorting and growling? If it wasn't for the big teeth, it'd be hard to take them seriously when they did that.

Well, she moved. Looks like Anoki's prayer from Chapter Two wasn't answered. This form is why her kind is called the "Feral" Sylvan, after all. Maston might want to withdraw his hand. Just sayin'.

Two and a half years after the comic was launched before I got to finally show this form. I reckon quite a few folks probably had already guessed it if they remembered Anoki and Dai's conversation.

I had a few very touching messages come in last week. You guys know you're the best, right? Emotie: :) I'll try to be less fussy in the posts from here on out and try to actually put forth some effort into a buffer. That first week or so after the little guy finally gets here will probably be nothing but naps, snacks, diapers, and giggling if Daddy changes said diapers. Emotie: ^_~

I also had a few unintelligent assholes message me as well. Can't fix stupid, I reckon.

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