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May 31, 2012, Thursday

Small Comfort

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Turai had a soft spot for his nephews and nieces back when he was still in the Nyre that never really went away. He's tickled to death that he can see one of them again.

There's intentionally no trap-door in the bottom of this crow's nest. While the traditional brigantine does not have a crow's nest, this one was specifically added when Turai joined the crew. Instead of the "no girls allowed" secret clubhouse, we have the "no humans allowed" secret clubhouse!

Cylinders aren't my thing. Somehow, during sketching, I always forget the wings. I'll work out full spine, shoulder, hip, and limb placement. Then remember that the wings cover almost all of it up. Oy...

Oh well. Doesn't hurt to practice anyway, not everybody around here has wings. Emotie: =P

Chapter Notes:
This is turning out to be a violent arc, no?

Oh, and to those assholes that were giving me down the road for not praising the almighty hospital, I'll have you know they threatened to throw my husband out of the hospital and called us both child abusers because he changed a diaper at 3AM, since after 72 hours of little water, less food, and even less sleep due to the complete ignorance and negligence of the staff I did not have the strength to do it. Had a social worker chew me out for over an hour and everything because of it. I'd also like to say, I told you so!!

I should have stayed home. I didn't have the first complication and at least then I'd have been able to drink, eat, sleep, and get my strength back quicker, in a considerably less filthy environment at that.

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