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July 12, 2012, Thursday

Be Careful What You Wish For

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I don't think she realizes the full danger here. Perhaps there's also some cockiness from her victory.

Never understood why cats and dogs don't usually get along. But it makes for some fun stereotypes.

Speakin' of danger, sorry 'bout being a few days late this week. We found a house and spent a week moving in. Houses go pretty quick around here, so I didn't exactly have time to give you guys a better heads up before hand. Given our current history, it should be another 3-4 months before we move again, if we do. We've moved four times within a year's span. Would've stayed put this go around, but the landlord refused to his job and let bugs run rampant and wouldn't fix anybody's air conditioners. Not acceptable with a baby to look after. It isn't that unreasonable to want to keep your home under 85°F in 60%+ humidity!

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