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November 8, 2012, Thursday

Shore Leave

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I find excited Kurach scarier than mad ones. Much in the same way the huge pitt bull that came up to the house was scary when he was happy because he would nearly beat you to death with his big tail. Large dogs are so painful... He in turn was scared of our old cat. He would pretend to be asleep when the cat walked by because the cat swatted him on the nose once.

I got the idea for the name of that tavern from all the seagulls down here. Speaking of which, now's as good a time as any to say I'm heading north to central Alabama soon. Someday we may find a place that pays the bills, eh? I'm already working on the buffer. But if I don't have enough up in time to carry through, you'll bet I'll make it up when I get settled.

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